Kevin Fitzgerald


Audiographies takes its place within a discourse of perceptual inquiry. Combating theories of ‘visuocentrism’ by seeking a unified but differentiated approach to the senses of sound and vision, it seeks to understand what an inquisition into the audible reveals about the aural and visual dimensions of urban space.

Taking inspiration from the notion of the soundscape originally proposed by R. Murray Schafer, aural architecture, and mobility theories, the work elucidates on the interdependency of the senses. Our experiences of urban spaces are not mitigated by a sole perceptual modality, and through a series of landscape, architectural, and conceptual images, Audiographies seeks to expound upon this notion while in the process speculate on the nuanced ways in which the aural and visual overlap.

There are those that would claim an exposition into the audible as one that is into the invisible. Audiographies thus seeks to make the invisible observable through the photographic medium and asks its viewers to listen with their eyes and see with their ears.


Kevin Fitzgerald (b. 1990, USA) is a US American photographer residing in London. After completing his BFA in Studio Arts at the University of Arkansas, Fitzgerald moved to London to undertake the international MA Photography and Urban Cultures programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. Having spent his youth growing up in the Ozark Mountains of the United States, Fitzgerald is interested in the complexity of the urban landscape, which allows for multiple points of introspection.


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