Lauren Finch


Objects of Comfort: Reflection on Student Home-Making takes a look behind the closed doors of student accommodations. Looking at the intersection of home-making and mobilities, this series works to deduce the transitional process through portable belongings. This project slowly excavates the intimate bonds between things and their owner in terms of place-making practices. The ethnographic encounters take fragmented narratives from mnemonic objects and help construct the presences of various homes into one small room. Exploring how each thing evolves with the students journey, Objects of Comfort works to understand the bond of familiarity between object and owner within a private space.


Lauren Finch is a social documentary photographer based in the East Bay. She spent her undergraduate time working with various mediums and concepts before undertaking a M.A at Goldsmiths, University of London to further her own interests.  Her work examines various details within the everyday, excavating through the layers of mundane objects and their stories. Through the exploration and documentation of the everyday networks, she explores the multilayers of subjects that focus on notions of identity, home and memory.

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