Lene Hald


What are the aesthetic and transformative potentials of using visual methods within a field study concerning youth and the formation of identity? How does visual and participatory approaches open up for therapeutic and transformative potentials, and how might we address the relation between the photograph as ethnographic document and the photograph as artistic representation? These are some of the questions Lene Hald seeks to address in her on going PhD project. The empirical study takes place among a group of young immigrant Muslim girls in Copenhagen exploring how identities are negotiated through images, while democratizing the process of creating images with people, instead of of people. Through participatory, photographic and artistic practice the project points to how images convey ideas, open up ways of seeing and knowing, thereby questioning the truth of dominant accounts by allowing for other perceptions and stories to emerge.

Research institution: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. School of Design. DK. Centre for codesign.

Funding institution: KEA. School of Design & Technology. DK


Lene Hald is a Copenhagen based photographer and researcher. Her work deals with issues of identity, performativity and the transformative powers of the aesthetic. Lene Hald holds an MA in Photography from Goldsmiths, University of London (MA in Photography and Urban Cultures, 2010) and an MA in Visual Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2005). In addition to her personal photographic projects she is currently conducting a practice based PhD that investigates how identity and experience may be explored, reflected upon and communicated through participatory photography. 


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