Mandy Lee Jandrell



I am interested in working in the liminal spaces of photography-between the visible and the invisible, the hidden, the concealed, revealing the mechanics and performance of photography itself. In these two projects I explore my everyday commute through the spaces of Wyndham Court, a listed Brutalist building in Southampton, UK. I use my iPhone not to document the space itself, but to record the traces and gestures of my own movement through the space. The gesture of my body reveals the electronic processes of documentation itself, the traces of electronic signals interpreting light and movement.

‘Malerei, Fotografie, Film’, 2016 is a series of prints made in a colour darkroom using my iPhone as both negative and light source, using the lens of the enlarger to enlarge the image and handmade filters to manipulate the colour spectrum. It explores the mechanics of light through the integration of electronic and analogue photographic processes.

‘Something happened on the day he died’ is an installation of hanging banner prints alongside a series of smaller A2 prints, all monochrome inkjet prints. The scale of the work allows the viewer to engage physically with the photographic processes (pixels and glitches) of the work.


Mandy Lee Jandrell (b. South Africa), completed her BA Fine Art at University of Cape Town (1998). She was a member of the Sluice Group, producing multi-media installation and performance events in 1996 at The Castle of Good Hope and at the Second Johannesburg Biennale in 1997. Jandrell has lived and worked in the UK since 1998.

Since completing her MA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College (2003), Jandrell’s lens based work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the UK and internally including the USA, Germany, Austria, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah).


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