Manuel Vázquez


These images alter the viewed space and collapse time at will. My role is as much painter as photographer or editor. One could say that the images are the result of a transversal cut in the course of time to ensemble imaginary urban landscapes that comment on our exposure to city life and search for resonance in a collective imaginary.

These photographs are the result of a patient and careful process of focusing on particular scenes in the middle of the crowd. The idea was to subvert a tacit rule of the public space: ‘don’t stare’. The intention was inquisitive, trying to reveal minimal stories behaving like a surveillance camera gathering material.

There is a disconnection, a feeling of solitude and isolation in these public spaces, they have become places “to move through” and not “to be in”. We have turned into nomadic subjects in constant movement between domestic and occupational life, where train stations or airports have become destinations instead of connectors.


Manuel Vázquez (b.1976) has been a freelance photographer since 2005. He studied Economics in his home country, Colombia, before moving to Spain in 2001 where he started his studies in photography. He graduated with a MA in Photography and Urban Culture at Goldsmiths University and has attended workshops at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has participated in group exhibitions in New York, UK, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, Colombia and Chile and was selected among the FLASH FORWARD Emerging Photographers in 2009 as well as featuring in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2008, where he exhibited pieces of the "Traces" series at the Liverpool Biennial. His work to date has a constant interest in the theatricality of city life and spaces, placing the spectator as witness of a "spectacle", built with visual traces, where images are meticulously constructed with strong narrative component.

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