Orly Zailer


In this ongoing project Orly has reproduced old photographs from various family albums with descendants of the people photographed in the original ones. She has chosen people with significant physical resemblance to their relatives, sometimes over the span of several generation, in an effort to recapture a moment in time that was perpetuated long before.

Her keen interest in human performance and the roles each individual play daily in every social interaction, as well as the influence previous generations have on their descendants, lead her to initiate this project.

Starting with her own personal family history, she created a self portrait with her partner, reproducing a photograph of her parents which was taken 40 years earlier. This personal experience led to a universal project that incorporates participants who managed to turn into other people that they may or may not have known personally for a split of a second and to identify with their entire existence.

Each photograph is the outcome of a long research with each participant of his past ancestors and self identity, all present and alive in the family album.

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ARTE Metropolis



ARD titel thesen temperamente


Orly Zailer is a fine art and documentary photographer. She graduated from The NB Haifa School of Design in 2008 with B.Ed.Des degree in Photography and Education. In 2012 she completed a Master of Arts degree in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Orly has been focusing on Environmental Portraiture of various people from diverse social groups in society. In her projects she examines axes of self-representation and self-perception in one's own environment.

Her work was exhibited in galleries in London and Tel Aviv.

At present she lives and works in Tel Aviv.


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