Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo


The series "CUBA: Patria o Muerte" (CUBA: Fatherland or Death) reflect the changes of the country but at the same time shows Cuban pride and struggle. It shows the kind of ambiguity that you feel when visiting the island, knowing the government and meeting their people. It also shows the love-hate relationship to USA. There is a phrase in Spanish which says: "es mejor ser cabeza de ratón, que cola de león" (better to be the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion) that could be applied to Cuban situation. People doesn't want to be ruled by Americans and have been struggling for decades against their embargo, which brought poverty and difficulties in quite a lot aspects of life, infrastructure and commodities. However, people are influenced by American music, fashion and cultural trends and include them in their daily life.


Architect, National University of Colombia. MA (merit) Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Projects photographed in South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and United States, exhibited in over 80 individual and collective exhibitions: Trasatlántica-PhotoEspaña, Fototeca de Cuba, 42 Salón Nacional de Artistas, #20FotógrafosAmazonas, DRCLAS-Harvard University, MIT in Boston. First Prize of Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, Argentina and Future Memories-IDARTES. Participated in photography festivals in Istanbul, Venice, Lima, Paraty, San Salvador, Querétaro, London and Beijing. Santiago has photographed for Villegas Editores, UNHCR, MFO-Egypt, ICIPE-Kenya, Facebook. Ran workshops for Zona Cinco, NatGeoStudentExpeditions. Published books: Solidarity In Colombia-Villegas Editores, White Elephant-CROMA, London-Gap My Mind-Ágora. Director of COLOMBIA, tierra de luz – Member of La Hydra, Colectivo +1, CROMA, Fujifilm’s X-Photographer.

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