Sean Wyatt


‘Bypass’ is a durational body of work exploring by foot and by camera the contested spaces alongside the main roads, the neglected paths on the fringes between the man-made and the natural environment. The location becomes metaphor for my adolescence, following the routes from my house in London to my childhood hometown in the Oxfordshire countryside.

It is in these locations that the idea of freedom still exists, free from the expectation and responsibility that comes with the past and future. As in J.G. Ballard’s ‘Concrete Island’ the avoidance of societies gaze allows for a place of escapism and the vestiges of civilized behaviour starts to melt away. These locations are rich with “anti-social” activities such as dogging, drug taking and fly-tipping.

The project is split into chapters focusing on different locations along the roadside. Certain chapters explore specific ideas or narratives found within the space, whilst others take on a more simplistic document of place.


Sean studied BA and MA Photography at Kingston School of Art., where he now works as a part time lecturer on the BA Photography, MA Architecture and MA Landscape and Architecture courses. He is also a Senior Technician within the Photography Workshop.

Working primarily with Photography, Sean explores human relationships with nature. Focusing on the slightly absurd and unremarkable, setting about scrutinising and inhabiting the space, occasionally placing himself within the images in order to create questions and problematize that which is often overlooked.

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