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Urban Arctic Kirkenes is, an 18 month, case study into the Norwegian town of Kirkenes. Due to its size, 3500 inhabitants, its geographical positioning, in a remote border region and with an industrialised history the town is seen as an atypical settlement within urban theory. Yet its connection to global networks of shipping, tourism and labour migration allow it to show functions usually associated with much larger cities.

The size, economy, multiculturalism and history presents a case study into what changes the town is experiencing and the affect on its future planning and development. The town is currently going through a period of change of industry with Sydvaranger iron ore mine closing down for the second time in twenty years in 2016. Tourism is becoming the central focus with the emergence of winter tourism over the past fifteen years also bringing a focus on cultural capital and cross- border relations.

Through photography and digital-media this section of the project looks at developing a methodological framework focused on the overlapping themes of industry, environment and migration. Allowing for the replication of the research in four other similar sized settlements in different regions of the Arctic. With the aim to return to each of them once every five years, creating a visual archive of the changing urban Arctic localities.


Victor Frankowski is a Polish/ Australian artist, photographer and film maker concerned with the long term impact of climate change on small urban areas in the far north as well as sustainability of food and its culture.

In his work he utilises both landscape and portrait photography. To give his audience and larger understanding understanding of places and people which are excluded from the public eye. While working across different mediums.

Along side his commercial photography Frankowski has completed a BA in Photo Media at the Sydney Collage of the Art and MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths University of London in 2017. He is a member of the International Visual Sociology Association.

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