Isidro Ramirez

Common Love

This long-term project is currently in completion. It is based in Bangkok, Thailand and aims to explore the city and its inhabitants. Particularly it enquires and sometimes challenges some of the most stereotypical notions and cultural conventions that surround this city and how it is constructed in our imaginations. Using common symbols and allegories connected to Thai culture helps to create an unraveling narrative that takes us in a journey in the lives, wishes and anxieties of young lovers in the city of angels.


Isidro Ramírez is a Spanish photographer now based in Singapore. After living, working and studying in the UK for 20 years he moved to Singapore in 2011 where he lecturers in photography at Temasek Polytechnic. His work shows a delicate balance of what is real and what is perceived, between the fabric of place and the texture of memory.