UrbanPhotoFest - Cartographies

Celebrate 10 years of Urban Encounters at the Urban Photographers Association (UPA) annual artist’s keynote lecture from the internationally acclaimed photographic artist Roger Ballen at Tate Britain on Friday 10 November 2017, followed by a wine reception and #UPF17 festival launch event. The following day (Saturday 11 November 2017) sees the annual Urban Encounters conference also at Tate Britain. In addition, a symposium, Urban Photography: Making, Researching, Teaching takes place at The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK on Monday 13 November 2017.

Further information and tickets, click here (Tate Britain) and here (The Photographers’ Gallery).  

In addition, an article about the Urban Photographers’ Association features in Goldlink magazine. UPA members Kamal Badhey; Stefano Carnelli; Peter Coles; Andy Day; Diego Ferrari;  Lauren Finch; Lene Hald; Paul Halliday; Sayed Hasan; Tanya Houghton; Nai Wen Hsu; Rachel Jones; David Kendall; Rebecca Locke; Bas Losekoot; Luc Pauwels; Vrinda Seksaria; Konstantin Sergeyev; Yanina Shevchenko; Manuel Vázquez; Gesche Würfel and Kyler Zeleny exhibit in Charting the Invisible at APT Gallery, UrbanPhotoFest 2017. Opening night: 11th November 2017, 18:00-20:00.  

UPA members feature in fLIP Magazine, guest edited by Paul Halliday, in addition Paul Halliday and Tanya Houghton give photo talks organised by Allan Grainger with London Independent Photography in December 2017. Information and booking, here. 

Anita Strasser exhibits new work: A neighbours’ event: building community through socially-engaged photography at Conway Hall, London. 

UPA fellow, Victor Seidler publishes a new book, Making sense of Brexit: Democracy, Europe and uncertain futures.

#UPF17 @UrbanPhotoFest 2017