Visualising Sustainability in Norway

In June 2016, UPA members Gill Golding, Kyler Zeleny, Paul Halliday, Luc Pauwels and David Kendall take part in ‘Visualising Sustainability’ at Lillehammer University College, Norway. In addition, a UPA workshop, screenings and projections of members work, including projects by Peter Coles, Gill Golding, Rebecca Locke, Isidro Ramirez, David Kendall, Kyler Zeleny and Bas Losekoot feature in ‘After the Fact’ at Kulturhuset Banken Lillehammer.

In conduction with these events during the week of UK EU Referendum, Mandy Lee Jandrell guest edits our #‎Instagram account and questions the sustainability of social and built environments, focusing of visions of Europe represented by contrived and commercial landscapes of tourism. More information about all events can be founds on UPA social media at #Instagram #‎Facebook and #‎Twitter.

Photo © Peter Coles